Student Information

Are you a student interested in Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, 3D Modeling & Animation, Game Design, or Web Design? As a student you can work with the 3D Group to complete internships, participate in research grants, or help develop our internal pipeline and applications. We're always looking for students with experience in the areas below. If you'd like to inquire about working in one or more areas below with the 3D Group, please use the Contact page to get in touch.

Student Information

3D Modeling and Animation

3D Modeling and Animation is both an artistic and technical field. Examples of jobs range from Texture Artist, Character Modeler, Animator, Environment Artist, Character Rigger, Lighting TD, and Concept Artist.

Example Project: Nutrition Survey: Bod Squad

Game Design and E-Learning

3D Group currently uses the Unity 3D game engine in order to develop games and E-Learning applications. Unity 3D currently targets a wide variety of platforms ranging from Mac, PC, Web, iPhone, iPad, Wii, Xbox 360, Android, and Playstation.

Example Project: Ancient Corinth

Web Design and Development

3D Group currently develops using Ruby on Rails. The 3D Group also develops all web, print, and video content associated with the TickEncounter Resource Center.

Example Project:

Computer Vision and Imaging

Computer Vision is the science behind extracting information from images for artificial vision systems. The 3D Group develops several projects around this concept such as Hand Gestures, Motion Capture, and Pedestrian Evacuation.

Example Project: Hand Gestures

Modeling and Simulation

Modeling and Simulation 3D Group projects include Lipoprotein Visualization, Map Learning, Pedestrian Evacuation, and Visual Data Mining. By using Modeling and Simulation the 3D Group is studying means of exploiting interactive 3D graphics to facilitate and guide the statistical analysis of large data sets.

Example Project: Visual Data Mining

Scientific Visualization

The 3D Group Scientific Visualization projects place emphasis on realistic rendering of volumes, surfaces, and medical imaging. 3D Group projects that involve scientific visualization include Brain Reconstruction, Pharmaceutical Education, and Visual Data Mining

Example Project: Brain Reconstruction