Past Project : Nutrition Survey: Bod Squad

Nutrition Survey: Bod Squad

About Nutrition Survey: Bod Squad

The 3D Group worked with the Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences at URI to develop an interactive survey for children in order to analyze their eating habits.

Nutrition Survey: Bod SquadThe goal of this project was to provide children with an interactive experience rather than the usual pencil and paper survey. It also allowed URI researchers to quickly and efficiently analyze data with computer software, bypassing data entry from written surveys. Children were presented with a series of approximately 12 questions relating to their daily eating habits. The 3D Group and the Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences also devised a new way for children to choose their ideal and perceived body images through use of rotate-able 3D human models.

Prior to the 3D chart developed for the survey, children were asked to make decisions based on a 2D chart.